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UPDATE (March 28, 2014): The waybay machine is calling. As I have been settling in to my position in the Emerging Media Studies Divsion at Boston University, I have become happier (and busier) than I could have imagined. Updates are thus less frequent, and perhaps in the summer I will have time to migrate and revise this site. In the meantime and moving forward, I will keep my research page as current as I can, but also cross reference to my google scholar citations page for my publication activity.

UPDATE (November 17, 2013): Now one hundred percent Gephi-friendly :) The social media research lab that I direct is moving forward into a number of social media channels to scrape thousands upon thousands of comments and make some visual analytic sense of it all. Recent efforts can be observed here, here, and here. And oh yeah, I had a paper published in the Journal of Information, Technology and Politics with my awesome co-author Anita Breuer of the German Development Institute. More info and links will follow soon.

UPDATE (September 11, 2013): Since the last update, I moved to Toulouse, France for six weeks, where I was a visiting scholar at the Institute for Advanced Studies Toulouse. That time was fabulous in that I had tremendous collaborative opportunities with leading scholars from many related discplines, such as evolutionary biology, economics, and political science. Toulouse will always hold a special place in my heart.
Of course, all good things come to an end, and a rolling stone gathers no moss, and other such sentiment, so I returned to the US for good, taking a position over the summer at Boston University in their Emerging Media Studies division. I could not be happier about being here, and being part of this wonderful intellectual community in and around Boston.
More updates will hopefully follow more regularly now that my family and I are getting settled into to our home, but in short, I have had a number of papers accepted for publication as book chapters in volumes published by Oxford and Routledge, some journal articles either came out or are now in press, and I served on a battery of research and teaching panels at the annual AEJMC conference, where I also won a top faculty paper (with Lanier Holt, now of the Ohio State University).
My deepest thanks go out to all those that helped me to get here. I am forever grateful, and until the next, as always--Cheers!

UPDATE (March 30, 2013): I recently completed some consultancy work for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and their media for development initiative in Papua New Guinea. Interesting work, and timely, too. Thanks to Vipul Khosla for coordinating my involvement--I am already looking forward to the next project.

UPDATE (March 7, 2013): After some intensive teaching here, it is back to research projects. My Social Science Computer Review manuscript (with Ahmed Al-Rawi) is first on the list. Then, it is prepping for my visit to the Insitute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, France where I have the opportunity to develop more methods in mining and analyzing large samples of social media content.

UPDATE (January 20, 2013): I have been brought on to write a chapter in Presidential Campaigning and Social Media, an edited volume through Oxford University Press. My thanks to the editors, John Allen Hendricks and Dan Schill for the invitation--which coincided nicely with my lovely wife's birthday.

UPDATE (January 20, 2013): I learned that I will be discussing international communication research methods in public diplomacy for an AEJMC panel that also features Guy Golan, Raluca Cozma, and Sung-Un Yang, as well as Emily Metzgar, who coordinated the panel. It is so great to be in this rich, productive field. Looking forward to DC!

UPDATE (January 16, 2013): "Online Media and Offline Empowerment in Democratic Transition: Linking Forms of Internet Use with Political Attitudes and Behaviors in Post-Rebellion Tunisia" has been accepted for presentation to the ICA conference in London next June. Many thanks to my co-author, Anita Breuer, and warm wishes to colleagues near and far that will also be in attendance.

UPDATE (January 13, 2013): I was recently invited to join the Editorial Board for the soon-to-be-launched open source academic journal, Media and Communication. I am very honored to be on board, literally, with prominent figures in the field such as Kevin Barnhurst, Bart Cammaerts, Stephen Coleman, Annie Lang, and Denis Wu. A full listing of board members is here, and give good reason for my very high hopes for this initiative.

UPDATE (January 4, 2013): For the first time ever, two updates in one day: I just learned that I have been awarded a Faculty Research Grant in the amount of $20,000 to further develop a social media research laboratory. Work on the social scientfic media lab (sosmedialab) is already underway, but this grant is very welcome news. Viva 2013!

UPDATE (January 4, 2013): Happy New Year! 2013 started off nicely with my piece on digital diffusion, "youth bulges," and forecasting political change in Latin America being accepted for the ICA Mobile Communication Pre-Conference next June at the London School of Economics. I am very pleased to be a part of this program and can not wait to return to the city where I first met my wonderful wife almost 13 years ago.

UPDATE (December 18, 2012): I was recently featured on Visions, the bi-weekly video magazine about research taking place here at the UoM. Have a look here to see the video, which is based on a cross-national comparison of online advertising in 2012 elections that recently came out in First Monday.

UPDATE (December 14, 2012): Today I presented a paper on social media and social movements to a political science workshop on quantitative methods. Great event, good feedback, and presenters from around the world. Hats off to Aaron Martin on coordinating this.

UPDATE (December 7, 2012): "Social media and personal attacks" is out now in First Monday. The article seems to be taking off a bit, with Politico picking up the press release and adding the teaser "Freedom fries for all!"

UPDATE (November 22, 2012): My latest article in International Communication Gazette is out. Read "Forecasting and observing: A cross-methodological consideration of Internet and mobile phone diffusion in the Egyptian revolt" here. This issue of Gazette is a really interesting one and I am very pleased to be featured amongst such wonderful scholars and resarch. Have a look, I think you will agree.

UPDATE (November 13, 2012): First Monday will be publishing my manuscript (proudly with my former students Noortje de Boer and Hannah Suetfeld) titled "Social media and personal attacks: A comparative perspective on co-creation and political advertising in presidential campaigns on YouTube" on the next first Monday of the month. Look for it in a couple of weeks, on December 3.

UPDATE (October 28, 2012): Very nice...my book chapter on "A Latin Spring? Examining Digital Diffusion and Youth Bulges in Forecasting Political Change in Latin America" is now under contract for Routledge's edited volume on "Digital Opportunities for Democratic Governance in Latin America". I love this work.

UPDATE (September 11, 2012): File under "pleasant surprise". The University of Melbourne Media and Communication department where I am currently working was recently ranked 10th in the world by QS. Good to see my research and teaching in digital media are well situated. No worries, as they say.

UPDATE (July 30, 2012): My two new articles just came out--on the same day, no less. The New Media and Society article (with Jiska Engelbert) is here and the Journalism article (with Mike Conway) is here. Enjoy, and definitely send me reactions on one or both. If you are at AEJMC in Chicago next week, maybe we can chat then.

UPDATE (May 8, 2012): Jiska Engelbert, we did it! New Media and Society has accepted our manuscript for publication. "Double Differentiation in a Cross-National Comparison of Populist Political Movements and Online Media Uses in the United States and the Netherlands" will be in proofs and published soon. What a trip--thanks for your collaboration!

UPDATE (April 17, 2012): I learned yesterday that the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse has invited me as a visiting scholar for a term during the coming academic year. I am incredibly honored to have been selected by the preeminent scientific board and affiliated members, and I look forward to spending a summer in Southern France.

UPDATE (February 16, 2012): "The Effectiveness of the Pervasive Method in Ethics Pedagogy: A Longitudinal Study of Journalism and Mass Communication Students" has been accepted for publication in Journalism: Theory, Practice, and Criticism. My co-author, Mike Conway, and I spent several years developing and analyzing this panel dataset of 5,060 responses so it is quite rewarding to have this research accepted at Journalism. Hopefully there it will catch the eye of at least a few (mass) media ethicists!

UPDATE (January 4, 2012): "I believe that finding should be cited by anyone pursuing Web 2.0 and politics." This statement is from a blind peer review for my newly accepted paper (with Daniela Dimitrova), "A Cross Section of Political Involvement, Partisanship and Online Media in Middle America during the 2008 Presidential Campaign", which will appear in the Atlantic Journal of Communication. The mentioned finding was a negative curvilinear relationship between blog use and campaign knowledge moderated by partisanship.

UPDATE (December 11, 2011): The Journal of Communication has now published my article "Media, Instability, and Democracy: Examining the Granger-Causal Relationships of 122 Countries from 1946 to 2003". This article began with my dissertation in 2007 so I am very pleased to see it now in published form. Email comments or questions.

UPDATE (November 14, 2011): Based in part on my experience visiting Egypt when the protests began last January, "Modeling the Econometric and Considering the Quasi-Ethnographic: Analyses of Internet and Mobile Phone Diffusion in the Egyptian 'Revolution 2.0'" has been accepted for publication at International Communication Gazette. Full article will follow soon, but to summarize, there are some paradoxical findings of Internet and mobile enabling and, indeed, forecasting the revolt. Just as interesting and unexpected were the reactions of the Egyptian citizens I spoke with during that time.

UPDATE (October 12, 2011): Some new interviews I did are out. Here is an ICA newsletter article on collegiality in which Sojung Kim invited my input , and here is an article from the Erasmus Magazine where I am featured. Some nice, easy reading.

UPDATE (September 28, 2011): I have accepted a position on the Communication editorial board of SAGE Open, an open-access publication that spans the social and behavioral sciences and humanities. There, I will be acting Editor for submissions in the area of communication technologies. Looking forward to receiving those submissions!

UPDATE (September 6, 2011): My public sphericules article, with Ying Han, has now been published. Here, we find empirical support indicating that alternative media are, indeed, more open to non-legitimated actors but that alternative media construct an even more exclusionary discursive space on the topic of globalization than Professor Lance Bennett and his colleagues found of comparable New York Times coverage.

UPDATE (August 31, 2011): New academic year set to kick off at EUR. First, IBCoM bootcamp in Zeeland next week. Then, teaching Media and Politics, Research Methods (Master's), and Communication Technologies and their Impacts, where you can follow what is happening. Looking forward to it!

UPDATE (June 30, 2011): "Negotiated Hegemony and Reconstructed Boundaries in Alternative Media Coverage of Globalization" has officially been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Communication. I am especially pleased to have this manuscript published because my very talented former student, Ying Han, co-authored it with me and did a marvelous job throughout. Link to full text will follow soon.

UPDATE (May 31, 2011): It has come to my attention that I've been featured in another IBCoM promotional video. Though I don't have a speaking role in this one, you can find me around the 1-minute mark when the discussion turns to "the young, up-and-coming scholars" in our program--which really is one of a kind. Link here. Enjoy!

UPDATE (April 29, 2011): My article (with Daniela Dimitrova) for the special call on the interactions between journalism, politics, and citizenship for Communication Studies has been published. "A Cross-Section of Voter Learning, Campaign Interest and Intention to Vote in the 2008 American Election: Did Web 2.0 Matter?" is available here.

UPDATE (March 26, 2011): Istanbul, Constantinople: I have two papers accepted for presentation at the upcoming IAMCR conference. One involves my experiences visiting Egypt while the demonstrations started and the other compares the agendas of social media (FB/TW) to mainstream media (NYT/CNN). Details to follow on the Bosporus.

UPDATE (March 3, 2011): File under: Pleasant surprise. NYU professor and social media scholar Clay Shirky cited my research in an article he published in Foreign Affairs. Details are here, where he takes a more balanced approach than he is often credited with.

UPDATE (February 18, 2011): I am honored to have been accepted as a full member to the The Netherlands School of Communication Research. More about NeSCoR, which is directed by Professor Claes de Vreese of the University of Amsterdam, can be found here.

UPDATE (February 6, 2011): My interview with the national Dutch news agency (ANP) came out a couple of weeks ago in numerous publications around the country. You can read one article here in English , or read another version here in Dutch. Bedankt and tot ziens!

UPDATE (January 19, 2011): My Deutsche Welle interview can now be accessed on the Spectrum website here. Users from the US may need to use this link that is hosted locally on my own site. In either event, enjoy the show--feel free to send questions and comments on my "Connect" page, or just email me.

UPDATE (January 14, 2011): This morning I had an interview with Deutsche Welle radio about my research on Internet diffusion and democratic change, and this afternoon I was interviewed by the Dutch national news agency, ANP, regarding Rupert's ipad newspaper. Now, off to Wester Pavilijoen for dinner with my lovely wife.

UPDATE (December 15, 2010): I've been added to represent the Netherlands in the ongoing Worlds of Journalism project coordinated by Prof. Thomas Hanitzsch from the University of Munich. I'm looking forward to this collaboration.

UPDATE (September 17, 2010): Check out the latest viral video that is making impressions around the Internet here. In all seriousness, these next generation classrooms are probably the best I have taught in. Thanks, Erasmus, and cheers to my co-stars.

UPDATE (July 13, 2010): Just found out yesterday that the Journal of Communication has accepted my manuscript, "Media, Instability, and Democracy: Examining the Granger-Causal Relationships of 122 Countries from 1946 to 2003," for publication. Not sure of the publication date yet, but I will post a link when it comes out.

UPDATE (June 9, 2010): A busy three weeks in Wisconsin with family and friends is about to end. We move to Rotterdam on Sunday. An exciting time, to be sure, and ICA is just around the corner. Hoping to catch up with everyone--and maybe even sleep in for a day--in Singapore.

UPDATE (May 6, 2010): I have been added to the Program Committee for the Journal of Information Technology & Politics thematic conference in Seattle, Washington next May. I've always wanted to visit there.

UPDATE (April 13, 2010): I am moving to Rotterdam, the Netherlands where I will teach and research Political Communication, Quantitative Methods, and Communication Technology at Erasmus University. I couldn't be more pleased about the opportunity. See you there!

UPDATE (April 3, 2010): A busy, productive month of March. Conference and spring break trips went well and I made the AEJMC deadline. Hoping to have some time to regroup, ship out a manuscript to JoBEM, sell the house, and put together plans with Meg for our next move. Excited. Hopeful.

UPDATE (February 28, 2010): Turns out students in my large lecture class are really using their phones and laptops for class. They have created a collaborative note-taking page with Google Wave and are regularly using the Twitter hashtag I created. Some were so pleased, they wrote about it in the student newspaper. Read their editorial here.

UPDATE (February 26, 2010): In an interesting turn of events, Kurdistan-based Gulan magazine called me for an interview today. The actual interview takes place tomorrow--if you know Arabic, check gulan-media.com for the quotes.

UPDATE (February 18, 2010): Chris Barr, Senior Editorial Director of Yahoo! and founding editor of CNET, is coming to visit my classes. Still working with Yahoo! on the specifics, but it looks like he will be here on April 7. This should be great for all of us, especially our students.

UPDATE (February 10, 2010): I just found out that my article, "The Democratic Effects of the Internet, 1994-2003: A Cross-National Inquiry of 152 Countries," was the second-most read article in The International Communication Gazette for the month of December. How cool.

UPDATE (February 2, 2010): Following my participation on the roundtable keynoted by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, I have been invited to partner with the State Department on her initiative for Internet freedom. Details are ongoing, but I'm honored and eager to contribute.

UPDATE (Jan. 28, 2010): My manuscript, "A Time-Series, Multinational Analysis of Democratic Forecasts and Internet Diffusion," is now published in the International Journal of Communication.

UPDATE (Jan. 21, 2010): I had three manuscripts accepted for presentation at ICA:
"Assessing Political Outcomes of New Media Use in the 2008 Presidential Election,"
"The Effectiveness of the Pervasive Method in Ethics Pedagogy," and
"Negotiating Hegemony: Alternative and Mainstream Media Coverage of the Globalization Debate." Now how do I fund a trip to Singapore?

UPDATE (Jan. 14, 2010): I have been invited and plan to attend Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s upcoming policy address on Internet Freedom at the Newseum on January 21st, 2010. I'm looking forward to participating in the roundtable afterwards.

UPDATE (Jan. 12, 2010): "Media Diffusion and Democratic Change: Examining the Granger-Causal Relationships of 122 Countries from 1946 to 2003," a study that originated with my dissertation, has been accepted for presentation to the AEJMC Midwinter conference.

UPDATE (Jan. 10, 2010): A panel I proposed to the Communication Technology Division of AEJMC has been scheduled. It is titled "New Media Economics: Financially Sustainable Newsgathering and Information Flows" and includes Dan Gilmor (author of We the Media) as a panelist. Should be interesting.

UPDATE (Jan. 06, 2010): My manuscript, "A Time-Series, Multinational Analysis of Democratic Forecasts and Internet Diffusion," has been accepted for publication at the International Journal of Communication.